A Modern Small Business: 3 – Infrastructure and then….

I had aleady signed up for Office 365 for email as trial but have recently converted to an E5 subscription. This gives a large number of features: https://products.office.com/en-us/business/office-365-enterprise-e5-business-software

What I see as the the big benefit of Office 365 beyond the licensed Office software is the hosting infrastucture which provides the following in a “Software as a Service” offering and includes:

Identity Management


Document and team collaboration (SharePoint)

Instant Messaging (Lync)

Discussion (Yammer)


Each of those services requires configuration and I want to document and automated as much as possible now that I am no longer in a trial mode.

I have manually created my user via the web page interfaces of Office 365 but at this point, as a process to enable other things, all other configuration items will be scriptable and automated, specifically:

Identity Management

Configuration Of Services

Provisioning Of Services


Looking for comments on what else…


A Modern Small Business: 2 – Identity (Finalized)

After registereding and using nuttybits.biz in conversations with a  few people (and the conversations I want to have) I realized that introducing myself as Nelson Lamprecht with Nuttybits sounds ridiculous. So, after all that work and even money spent on the domain name, I have changed my business to something I would not chuckle at when talking about: Talavera Technology Solutions, LLC with the domainname of talavera.tech. Nothing is on that page yet but a work in progress.  However, I am content with that name enough to register the domain and LLC. I am currently debating on indicating I  want the company as a S-corp for tax purposes but I would appreciate any comments. After speaking with a CPA, his recomendation would be to leave the company as a LLC until to revenue cross $50k per year. Not sure how long it will take me to get there…

I also registered my domain with Office 365 and set up a E5 license which gives me all the MS Office software I want as well as anumber of team collaboration options like online meetings, skype, lync, even dial in meetings:


I only have one user at the present but the cost is $35 per month per user…

One thing that I think is helpful is I can have multiple subscriptions so I can have users that may not need the E5 level, exist at a lower price point of E3 until they need the E5 level…

Chapter 3 to come………

My ULS Query

Anyone who has worked with SharePoint *should* be familiar with the ULS log where SharePoint can log nearly every operation. Most recent versions allow for a portion of those log files to be cataloged into a database called ULSTraceLog that makes searching easier.

SharePoint logs the records based on UTC time.

However, sometimes, you need to find the exact log file on the SharePoint server based on an event in the database. Depending on how your log files roll over, this might be a challenge.

Below is the work in progress query to convert the UTC time to local time and then further convert to 12 hour time. It is written as a CTE so I could get more familiar with that and it seems to work fine but I don’t know the performance around two CTE’s:

,CONVERT(datetime, SWITCHOFFSET(CONVERT(datetimeoffset, [ULSTraceLog].LogTime), DATENAME(TzOffset, SYSDATETIMEOFFSET()))) as LogTimeLocal
FROM [DEV_SP_CFG_UsageAndHealth].[dbo].[ULSTraceLog]
,substring(convert(varchar(max), LogTimeLocal,20),0,12) + substring(convert(varchar(20), [LogTimeLocal], 9), 13, 5) + ‘ ‘ + substring(convert(varchar(30), [LogTimeLocal], 9), 25, 2) as LogTimeLocal12Hour from CTE_UlsLogFile
select * from CTE_ULSLogFile_InLocal


Comments or thoughts please!

A Modern Small Business: 2 – Identity (Continued)

After using a number of name generators, I selected http://namethingy.com as it would continue to generate names as well as optionally show the domain name availability of the names. I found a name and after confirming with my wife, I selected the name of nuttybits.biz. This company will be the company I do bespoke development under as well as the holding company for other projects, like the myfamily.fyi project. I have secured the nuttybits.biz domain name and will be forming an LLC (I think ?) to operate it with.  I hope use a service that can help me register the company in the most cost effective way possible. However, I am sure the service will charge me for that so I will need to understand the costs behind each of those as well.

To Be Continued….

A Modern Small Business: 2 – Identity

So, prior to the modern internet (+10 years?), I imagine that any one starting a business would decide on the business name first and then look for an internet property (domain name) along the way, hoping to find one that was close. In my “Modern Business”, I chose to first register a domain name as an individual. After that, I plan on forming a company around that domain (and brand in this era) and hopefully being able to transfer ownership of the domain name to the company. I haven’t formed the company yet but I secured the domain name a few weeks ago.(myfamily.fyi) Based on that, my one reader might have an idea on the subject matter of my business.

I am debating around whether to name the company using with the domain name, which might limit the brand around other ventures, or something similar and even just different. After a few nights of thinking, I want to name the company something very different in the hopes that there could be multiple things in it, one of which was the domain name I secured which I think has potential.

Prior to this adventure, I had formed an LLC in Colorado and was hopefully I could maybe one day venture out on my own. I did do a little work with it, but never really took it very far so I closed both the domain and the Colorado LLC.

Now that I am settled on naming the business different than the first internet property/project around it, I need to start thinking of some unique names for the holding company. Ideas on what “name generator” to use?

These are the first 5 hits from google for sites that don’t appear to mandate the .com along with it.






Anyone else have good services to name a company?

I update the next blog post with my ideas…

A Modern Small Business: 1 – Rules

Because this is my own blog, I can define the criteria (rules/assumptions/general landscape/objectives) that I, as well as others (if there are others), want to hold myself to. However, I want this page to represent both the initial criteria at the beginning as well as a place to document the criterion that will inevitably evolve.

Here is the current criteria (as of this blog post published date):

  1. The business will operate under the laws of:
    1. City of Oklahoma City
    2. The State of Oklahoma
    3. The United States of America
  2. The business makes a widget
  3. The business provides a service that the widget uses
  4. Customers can purchase this widget and subscribe to the services that are compatible with the widget

I know this seems pretty vague but it is supposed to be; I just came up with the criteria. A few other thoughts:

I want others to critique my writing and spelling as well. I used to be a decent writer in college and high school but I have noticed it going downhill because, as technology users, I have tolerated it, both from myself (lazy) and from others.

I will most likely obscure sensitive data like user names, passwords, urls and others’ names (unless they consent to being part of this journey).