A Modern Small Business: 3 – Infrastructure and then….

I had aleady signed up for Office 365 for email as trial but have recently converted to an E5 subscription. This gives a large number of features: https://products.office.com/en-us/business/office-365-enterprise-e5-business-software

What I see as the the big benefit of Office 365 beyond the licensed Office software is the hosting infrastucture which provides the following in a “Software as a Service” offering and includes:

Identity Management


Document and team collaboration (SharePoint)

Instant Messaging (Lync)

Discussion (Yammer)


Each of those services requires configuration and I want to document and automated as much as possible now that I am no longer in a trial mode.

I have manually created my user via the web page interfaces of Office 365 but at this point, as a process to enable other things, all other configuration items will be scriptable and automated, specifically:

Identity Management

Configuration Of Services

Provisioning Of Services


Looking for comments on what else…