A Modern Small Business: 2 – Identity (Finalized)

After registereding and using nuttybits.biz in conversations with a  few people (and the conversations I want to have) I realized that introducing myself as Nelson Lamprecht with Nuttybits sounds ridiculous. So, after all that work and even money spent on the domain name, I have changed my business to something I would not chuckle at when talking about: Talavera Technology Solutions, LLC with the domainname of talavera.tech. Nothing is on that page yet but a work in progress.  However, I am content with that name enough to register the domain and LLC. I am currently debating on indicating I  want the company as a S-corp for tax purposes but I would appreciate any comments. After speaking with a CPA, his recomendation would be to leave the company as a LLC until to revenue cross $50k per year. Not sure how long it will take me to get there…

I also registered my domain with Office 365 and set up a E5 license which gives me all the MS Office software I want as well as anumber of team collaboration options like online meetings, skype, lync, even dial in meetings:


I only have one user at the present but the cost is $35 per month per user…

One thing that I think is helpful is I can have multiple subscriptions so I can have users that may not need the E5 level, exist at a lower price point of E3 until they need the E5 level…

Chapter 3 to come………


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