A Modern Small Business: 1 – Rules

Because this is my own blog, I can define the criteria (rules/assumptions/general landscape/objectives) that I, as well as others (if there are others), want to hold myself to. However, I want this page to represent both the initial criteria at the beginning as well as a place to document the criterion that will inevitably evolve.

Here is the current criteria (as of this blog post published date):

  1. The business will operate under the laws of:
    1. City of Oklahoma City
    2. The State of Oklahoma
    3. The United States of America
  2. The business makes a widget
  3. The business provides a service that the widget uses
  4. Customers can purchase this widget and subscribe to the services that are compatible with the widget

I know this seems pretty vague but it is supposed to be; I just came up with the criteria. A few other thoughts:

I want others to critique my writing and spelling as well. I used to be a decent writer in college and high school but I have noticed it going downhill because, as technology users, I have tolerated it, both from myself (lazy) and from others.

I will most likely obscure sensitive data like user names, passwords, urls and others’ names (unless they consent to being part of this journey).


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